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PTO Speed Reducer Gearbox

Tractor PTO Reducer Gearbox

Pto Reduction Gearbox Pto Reduction Gearbox Pto Reduction Gearbox

The PTO gearbox is designed to alter the output speed of your tractor’s PTO shaft. Its versatile design allows the gearbox to be used as either an increasing ratio or decreasing ratio gearbox to suit your needs.

PTO Shaft Reducer Gearbox

As a decreasing ratio gearbox, the PTO speed reducer gearbox will reduce 1000 rpm PTO shaft speed to 540 rpm allowing the use of equipment designed to operate at 540 rpm.


PTO Shaft Increaser Gearbox

As an increasing ratio gearbox, the PTO speed increaser gearbox will increase 540 rpm PTO shaft speed to 1000 rpm PTO speed.

The gearbox is assembled with 2 x internal splined sleeves. One 13/8″Z6 the other 13/4″Z20. These splined sleeves allow for direct coupling to your tractor’s PTO shaft as the input. The gearbox is also supplied with 2 x separate shafts with matching splines. These are easily assembled to give you the required output shaft.

Tractor PTO Speed Reducer


– Although designed for attachment to a tractor’s PTO shaft, this gearbox can be used in other PTO increaser gearbox applications on agricultural machinery.
– A lug is supplied and fitted to the base of the gearbox housing. This must be securely attached to your tractor by way of a chain or mounting plate to ensure the gearbox does not rotate during operation.
– These 540 to 1000 PTO gearboxes are shipped without oil. Please fill the level plug with gear oil before use.
– This PTO reduction gearbox can be used on tractors with 13/8″Z21 (1000rpm) PTO shafts with the addition of our splined adaptor AL00296 (13/8″Z21 internal – 13/4″Z20 external) 

Parameters of PTO Speed Reducer

Ferhâlding Ynfier RPM HP KW SHAFT TYPE
1.88; 1 540 105 78.3 13/4 ″ Z20 13/4 ″ Z20 13/8 ″ Z6 13/8 ″ Z6
1000 120 89.5 SHAFT SLEEVE SHAFT
 1: 1.88  540  120  89.5  13/8 ″ Z6  13/8 ″ Z6  13/4 ″ Z20  13/4 ″ Z20
 1000  120  89.5


The Benefits of a PTO Speed Reducer

Have trouble finding a PTO speed reducer? Many threads have been created about the need for a PTO speed reducer. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each. You might even be able to find a new PTO speed reducer that works for your specific tractor. Hopefully, this article will help you find one! There are many different kinds to choose from. And while choosing one will make your life easier, you should also take your time and research your options.

Related Agricultural Gearboxes Application

We have been manufacturing top-quality gear drives for agricultural applications. The engineers are equipped to design custom gear drives that meet your unique requirements. With this broad line of agricultural gear drives, they can satisfy any application. And since custom gearboxes can be designed to suit your unique application, we have the expertise to cover all aspects of production. We offer a full range of agraryske PTO gearboxes en oare agraryske oplossingen.


PTO Shaft and Other Agricultural Machinery Accessories

Agricultural equipment such as tractors, combines, and harvesters use PTO-asen. These components are subjected to high loads and stress, and it is vital to find out why they failed in the first place. Constant compression of the shaft can damage connecting shafts and even the tractor and implement. A PTO shaft for an agricultural gearbox is an integral part of an agricultural implement or tractor. And PTO-as for the agricultural gearbox is secured with a safety shield at both ends and can be found on implements and tractors. A PTO shaft can be welded to the drive end by using a universal joint, while the rear shaft can be welded directly to the tractor.

PTO Speed Reducer Accessories

Why Choose HZPT PTO Speed Reducer Gearbox

If you are looking for a reliable and durable PTO speed reducer, you can count on the HZPT group. Our gearboxes are available in a wide variety of sizes to meet a wide variety of applications. We can be custom-built for a particular application or can be sized to accommodate a specific engine rotation.

PTO Speed Reducer Factory

The company’s standard PTO gearboxes are designed for agricultural applications. The company’s PTO gearboxes feature cast aluminum housing, helical gears with ground teeth, taper roller bearings, and modular mounting. In addition, each gearbox comes with clutches, bell housings, and drive plates. A wide variety of applications makes it possible for customers to find the perfect match for their application.



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