Flat top chains, also called flat top chainplates, slat top chains, and tabletop chainplates, are efficient chains plates used in the glass industry, food industry, wine, and other industries for conveying. The flat-top chains can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, or galvanized steel for high tensile strength and bearing load. Compared with a flat weave belt, it supplies a flat and smooth surface for high-performance conveying. We can provide you with different specs and materials for all kinds of flat-top chains. We can customize the flat top chains according to your equipment and requirements.

The standard flat top chain is not bent and is suitable for linear conveyors. However, in some workshops, the space is limited so that the conveyor line will be made into L-shape, U-shape, or rectangle. Therefore, the machine needs to be adjusted to make its conveying smooth. Here, we can supply standard flat and side bend flat top chains.

Type of Flat-top Chain

(1) Straight Flat-top Chain

Straight chain flat-top chains provide high carrying capacity and smooth surfaces in straight-flat-top chain conveyors. It is composed of several regular rectangular chainplates and high pins.

(2) Side Flex Flat-top Chain

Side flex flat-top chains are suitable for flex machine, which maybe L shape, U shape or rectangular shape. The side flex flat top chains can ensure fast, smooth and steady conveying. Chain plates of side flex flat top chains have two types: flat edge chain plates and bevel edge chain plates.
  • Flat edge chain plates. It is combine with flat edge chain plates and hinge pins. Flat edge chain plates can complete side flex conveying through increase the clearance between high pins. In this way, the neighbor chain plate can permit a certain turning angle to achieve smooth side flex conveying. Flat edge chain plate can not only ensure the smooth and steady side flex conveying, but also the normal conveying for straight running.
  • Bevel edge chain plates. The chain plates are made of chain plates with symmetrical bevel edge. The bevel edge can eliminate the interference during side flexing conveying and ensure smooth and high efficient conveying. Additional, there has no any gap when it is used in the flex position. The angle of bevel plate and the pin clearance decide the turning radius.
Straight Running Flat Top Chain Side-flex Flat Top Chain
Flat Edge Flat Top Chain Bevel Edge Flat Top Chain

Application of Flat-top Chain

  • Food processing
  • Wire industry.
  • Quick-frozen products.
  • Pharmaceutical packing.
  • Food industry.
  • Cheese production.
  • Soft drinks industry.
  • Beer production.
  • Breweries.
  • Incline conveying.
  • Glass bottling filling.
  • Canning.

Sprockets and Idler Wheels for Flat Top Chains

Sprockets and idler wheels for flat-top chains are available in single-piece and split versions for the entire range. In addition, we also manufacture sprockets and idler wheels made from plastic PA6, cast iron, or steel ST52, depending on the application. Split plastic sprockets are the most commonly used version. The flat top chain used determines the sprocket design. Drive sprockets have a keyway for positive-locking power transmission, whereas idler wheels do not have a keyway. Alternatively, a deflection roller may be used instead of an idler wheel. The advantage of split sprockets is that technicians do not have to remove the sprocket from the shaft to carry out maintenance work. The sprocket is split for removal, and no other components are affected.

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Flat top Conveyor Chain Manufacturers

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