Cast Chains

We mainly focus on Welded chain, Cast chain, Engineering chain, forged chain and polymeric chain and sprockets. Have been improving all the way, our products have been playing quite well in the US and European market for decades. All our standard products are made according to ANSI or DIN standard.All our team members are very customer- oriented. They work diligently on your needs. Think of what you want.

Cast Iron Chain Features

Cast iron chains have several features that make them desirable for a wide variety of applications.
They are durable, long-lasting and feature a forged steel construction. This makes them ideal for pallet conveyor systems, heavy loads and bulk containers. They are available in several sizes and can be used with barrels, bulk containers, cage pallets, and gas bottles.

Cast iron chains are made of high-quality Cast Iron and meet ANSI standards. They feature fully heat-treated pins and 304-grade stainless steel cotters. They are frequently used in drive applications and provide maximum strength and durability in tough environments.

Cast iron chain features include a smooth surface, good wear resistance, and rust-resistance. They are also durable, resulting in lower maintenance and reduced downtime. They are also recyclable and have long life spans. They reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Cast Iron Chain

Cast Iron Chain Benefits

Cast iron chain benefits include a long life, durability and low maintenance. It is a cost-effective, durable chain option that reduces energy costs and dewatering pumps. Its high tensile strength and high wear resistance are two of the main advantages of cast iron chains. They are also compatible with both conventional and cast stainless steel sprockets.

While both steel and cast iron are tough, both materials are subject to abrasion. Steel is more easily worn, but some alloys can improve abrasion resistance. Cast iron is also cheaper to manufacture than steel, due to lower material costs and less energy. However, steel takes more time and energy to process. Therefore, when choosing between steel and cast iron, you should always consider long-term use and installation before deciding on the material.

Cast Iron Chain

Cast iron has numerous advantages for precision-sensitive applications. Its ductility improves machining processes, reduces tool wear, and provides superior strength and wear resistance. We stock more than three thousand tons of cast iron bars, ready to be cut to your specifications. Nonstandard lengths are also available upon request.

Cast iron chains can be seasoned in a variety of ways. Generally, a thin layer of oil is applied to the surface. However, you should avoid applying too much oil, as too much can lead to polymerization and carbon deposition. Additionally, too much oil can result in a sticky layer, which can cause further oxidation. This layer may even become rancid. Oil does not decompose at high temperatures, so you should only season cast iron chains at temperatures between 400 and 500 degrees F.


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