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China rolketen en -tandwiel 8B56Q Sheave acht-groef 5.95 ″ OD Bêste fabrikantleveransier fabrikant Mei hege kwaliteit Goedkeape ferkeappriis kosten by my winkel Oanpaste grutte tastien

Wy EPG groepearje ien fan 'e Biggest Chain and sprocket fabrikant yn Sina. Wy leverje jo it measte type yndustryketens, agraryske keatlingen, transportketen en oanbelangjende tandwielen, ensfh.

Kontakt mei ús opnimme: Wechat / whatsapp / mobyl: + 86-13083988828

This we supply chromed bar and tubes for hydualic and pheumatic cylinders, pto shaft, agricultural gearboxes etc. EPT chain & sprockets, both standard and non-standard, are made of: ○ High quality steels: dimensions and adapted chemical composition for the different chain & sprocket parts ○ The most efficient manufacturing processes: • Special technique for the production of bushes improving the chain & sprocket wear resistance ( EPT know-how) • Plates produced by multi-stage processing tools ensuring a regular pitch ( EPT technology) ○ Adequate mechanical and heat treatments of chain & sprocket parts: • Shot peening • Surface finishing • replacement of Case hardening, carbonitriding, quenching, tempering … • EPT®treatment • Freezing treatment • Corrosion protection coatings (GEOMET, zinc, nickel plating, …)8B56Q sheave features 8 grooves, is 5.95″ in diameter, and is designed to use a Q2 bushing. Split Taper style sheaves offer a wider selection of bore sizes versus a standard “fixed” bore style sheave. Also because they are a 2-comp1nt part if 1 comp1nt fails the entire part doesn’t need to be replaced. All of our sheaves are manufactured out of an extremely durable cast iron, are dynamically balanced at the factory, and are phosphated then painted for corrosion resistance. Additionally, we stock a full line of premium A, 4L, B, 5L, AX, BX, AA, and BB belts, Q2-bushings, shafting, key-stock, motors, gearboxes, bearings, and much more!

8B56Q Sheave Ofmjittings

  • Grutte: 8B56Q
  • Bussjetype nedich: Q2
  • Pitchdiameter (A / 4L): 5.2 ″
  • Pitchdiameter (B / 5L): 5.6 ″
  • Bûten diameter: 5.95 ″
  • Type: 5
  • Algemiene breedte (OL): 7-9 / 32 ″
  • Ofmjitting (L): 3-1 / 2 ″
  • Ofmjitting (P): 3/4 ″
  • Ofmjitting (C): 3-1 / 2 ″
  • Ofmjitting (H): 4-1 / 8 ″
  • Ofmjitting (F): 6-1 / 4 ″
  • Ofmjitting (X): 2-3 / 4 ″
  • Ofmjitting (E): 9/32 ″
  • Sheave W8: 20.6 LBS

ept Roller Chain & Sprocket en Sprockets is maklik om mei te wurkjen en wy biede in wiidweidige ynventarisaasje, produkten fan hege kwaliteit tsjin konkurrearjende prizen, en snelle responstiden. Wy ferkeapje oan einbrûkers, distributeurs, lykas OEM's oer de heule wrâld. Nim kontakt mei ús op foar ekstra ynformaasje as om prizen en beskikberens te krijen op in 8B56Q-skeaf.

China roller chain and sprocket 8B56Q Sheave 8-groove 5.95

China roller chain and sprocket 8B56Q Sheave 8-groove 5.95

China roller chain and sprocket 8B56Q Sheave 8-groove 5.95

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